August 6, 2020

Saltcoats Historical Cemetery

Cemetery Inquiries:


Town of Saltcoats
Box 120 / 117 Allan Avenue
Saltcoats, SK
S0A 3R0

Phone - (306)744-2212  or Fax - (306)744-2239
Email -


This well kept cemetery is visited each year by many people.  It is a tribute to the people whose lives have been part of the fabric of our town and surrounding communities.  A historical walking tour, marked by flags of different colors, helps all to know the community’s story.


Cemetery records are kept in the Town Office.


Cemetery fees and plot sales cover only a small portion of the annual cost of maintaining the cemetery.  Some folks have chosen to make donations towards the cemetery upkeep and such donations are tax deductible.  Designated giving is guaranteed to be used for the cemetery and allows for work beyond basic maintenance and grass-cutting.  Otherwise, town property taxes maintain this community service.  In 2011, this amounted to $1237.00 of expenses over revenue.


Saltcoats Historical Cemetery General Guidelines
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 Saltcoats Historical Cemetery Prices & Fees
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Cemetery records tell much of the story of a community and Saltcoats has served a large rural area in years past.  

Over the years visitors have often commented on the well-kept cemetery.  A series of cemetery care-takers have done their job well – and often served as guide to visitors who have stopped   because of family connection or out of an interest in history.  These caretakers have created a heritage of conscientious service to the community.

 Every year there are many visitors to the cemetery, most with some family connection to the community, some seeking information about their ancestors, some intrigued by its local designation as a historic cemetery and keen to do the walk guided by the flags and printed story. 

For more information about the self guided tour of the cemetery, please contact the Town Office.

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