August 6, 2020

New Resident Information

From Mayor, Council, Staff, and our Community as a whole;
Saltcoats welcomes you!


It is our hope that you find much that will please you in our community – Anderson Lake and the Regional Park, library, K-8 school, pre-school/play-school, daycare, sports programs, playgrounds, churches, and various groups and organizations. Saltcoats enjoys ample green spaces in town for walking, sitting, playing, and good recreational facilities (curling rink, skating arena, community hall) – friendly neighbours and helpful businesses – opportunities to participate in groups and activities and to play your part in shaping our community’s immediate and long-term future.


We send out regular newsletters with announcements, updated and new policies and programs, plans and upcoming events.  You are invited to access our town’s website which is informative and interactive, with links to historical information, bylaws, policies and much more. The local school newspaper (The Grade 5 & 6 Gazette) provides some good reading and is a way we also communicate with residents and ratepayers.  The Four Town Journal and Yorkton newspapers often carry important news stories about Saltcoats and district happenings.  The Community Bulletin Board on Commercial Street and the Bulletin Board in the Community Services Building is another way in which information is shared.


Visitors are always welcome at the meetings of Council – whether as observers or as pre-booked delegation of presenters of a concern, suggestion or plan.


Please let us know if there are questions we can answer, concerns you wish heard or ideas you’d like to share with others.  The phone number is below if you wish to contact the Town Office and talk to our Administrator or leave a message. You may also write a letter to Town Council or the Mayor to drop off at the Town Office (117 Allan Ave.), or drop it in the mail. The mailing address for the Town is found at the bottom of this document as well, as is our email address, for those who prefer an email message.


Again, welcome to Saltcoats, and may you find here all you have been hoping for – and even more. Saltcoats is a safe and secure little community that nurtures good-neighbourliness. We hope that you, like us, enjoy being here and become promoters and builders of the community as we discover what opportunities and challenges the future may hold.


Grant McCallum
Town of Saltcoats Mayor


New Resident Information


Utility Billings, Connection Fees & Watering Restrictions

Utility bills are sent out quarterly and are due at the end of the month in which they were billed. Effective January 1, 2015, interest charges of 2% per quarter will be charged on outstanding utility balances at the time of the next utility billing period.  

A connection fee of $50 will be charged for all new utility accounts.

Watering restrictions are in effect.  If your home is an even numbered house, you can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  If your home is an odd numbered house, you can water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Watering times will be from 6 am until 9 am and 6 pm until 9pm.  There is no watering allowed on Sunday.


Any cats or dogs within town limits are required to be licensed with the Town of Saltcoats. Pet licenses are available at the Town Office and require proof of vaccination, proof of spay/neuter and a color photo of the pet.  The Town has adopted bylaws for cats, dogs and dangerous dogs, which can all be viewed on the Town of Saltcoats website at Please check with the Town Office as certain breeds of dogs may not be allowed into town.

Parking of Recreation Vehicles and Trailers

Please ensure that the following regulations are followed when parking any type of RV (camper, boat, etc) or trailer within the Town of Saltcoats limits:

            - Units shall only be parked on the street for a maximum period of 72 hours
            - Parking on boulevards, in alley ways or on Town of Saltcoats property is not allowed
            - Creating issues for regular vehicle or pedestrian traffic is not allowed
            - Units parked in driveways shall not hang over onto the street and/or sidewalk

These regulations are set by the Town of Saltcoats Traffic Bylaw.

Building Permits

A building permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of/on a building.  Permits allow the enforcement of codes, standards and bylaws which have been adopted by the local or provincial governing body to protect the health, safety, welfare of the public and to assure safe construction.  The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act requires building owners to ensure compliance, and requires municipalities to administer and enforce the building code.

What common projects require building permits?
New building construction, mobile homes. garages/carports/tent garages, decks over 100 square feet, accessory buildings over 100 square feet, fences over 3 meters in height, basement development, additions, installation of firewood/wood stove/permanent heaters, installation of bay windows, modification of structure, in ground swimming pools.

What common projects do NOT require building permits?

Renovations, decks under 100 square feet, accessory buildings under 100 square feet, fences under 2 meters in height, driveways, general maintenance, replacement with same materials (with no change to structure / electrical / mechanical)

A list of necessary documents will be provided with the building permit application.  Professionally drawn plans including site plan, floor plan, foundation plan, sections and elevations are required.  Plans do not require engineering unless requested by building official.

Building permits are valid for one year after date of issue.  An extension to the expiry date may be granted by Council if a request is submitted in writing prior to expiration and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Any building permit application will be evaluated against the Town of Saltcoats Zoning Bylaw to ensure compliance with the bylaw. 


Certain circumstances may require an order to be issued by either the building inspector or the Town Administrator.  Some examples are (but not limited to): to produce documents; to comply with general / specific conditions; stop work (in whole or in part); to uncover and replace.


Projects found contravening the requirements may be subject to the following (but not limited to): permit fee doubling if no permit was issued prior to construction; order for cessation of occupancy; order for correction of deficiencies (at owner’s expense); building permit being revoked.

 Portable Tent Garages 

If you are planning on erecting a portable tent garage on your property, please provide the following information to the Town Office in advance:


            -  Site plan showing location of portable tent garage on property and distance from property lines and existing buildings.  Site setbacks must meet the requirements set out in the Town of Saltcoats Zoning Bylaw 386.

            -  Fabric material should meet Subsection 3.1.6 of the National Building Code 1995 and CAN/ULC - S109M “Flame Tests of Flame Resistant Fabrics and Films”.

            - Anchorage of the building should comply with Subsection 9.23.6 of the National Building Code 1995


Business Licenses 

Anyone who does business in the Town of Saltcoats is required to have a business license.  It is the responsibility of residents to ensure businesses hold a current business license with the Town of Saltcoats prior to any business being carried out. 


Snowmobiles / All-Terrain Vehicles 

Under the provisions of the Snowmobile Act, it is lawful for a licensed person to operate a licenced snowmobile on any street or land but only for the purpose of operating the snowmobile from a point of origin within the boundaries of the Town of Saltcoats to a point outside the said boundaries.  Return to the point of origin within the limits of the Town of Saltcoats by the most direct and practical route possible between the exit/entry points and the point of origin, utilizing lanes wherever possible and practical.