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Building and Development Permits

New building construction and etc. require two permit applications.

  1. Development Permit
  2. Building Permit


Building Permits

A building permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of/on a building.  Permits allow the enforcement of codes, standards and bylaws which have been adopted by the local or provincial governing body to protect the health, safety, welfare of the public and to assure safe construction.  The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act requires building owners to ensure compliance, and requires municipalities to administer and enforce the building code.

What common projects require building permits?

New building construction, mobile homes, garages/carports/tent garages, decks over 100 square feet, accessory buildings over 100 square feet, fences over 2 meters in height, basement development, additions, installation of firewood/wood stove/permanent heaters, installation of bay windows, modification of structure, in ground swimming pools.


What common projects do NOT require building permits?

Decks under 100 square feet, accessory buildings under 100 square feet, fences under 2 meters in height, driveways, general maintenance, replacement with same materials (with no change to structure / electrical / mechanical).

A list of necessary documents will be provided with the building permit application.  Professionally drawn plans including site plan, floor plan, foundation plan, sections and elevations are required.  Plans do not require engineering unless requested by building official.

Building permits are valid for one year after date of issue.  An extension to the expiry date may be granted by Council if a request is submitted in writing prior to expiration and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Any building permit application will be evaluated against the Town of Saltcoats Zoning Bylaw to ensure compliance with the bylaw. 

Certain circumstances may require an order to be issued by either the building inspector or the Town Administrator.  Some examples are (but not limited to): to produce documents; to comply with general / specific conditions; stop work (in whole or in part); to uncover and replace.

Projects found contravening the requirements may be subject to the following (but not limited to): permit fee doubling if no permit was issued prior to construction; order for cessation of occupancy; order for correction of deficiencies (at owner’s expense); building permit being revoked.


Portable Tent Garages 

If you are planning on erecting a portable tent garage on your property, please provide the following information to the Town Office in advance:

  • Site plan showing location of portable tent garage on property and distance from property lines and existing buildings.  Site setbacks must meet the requirements set out in the Town of Saltcoats Zoning Bylaw 386.
  • Fabric material should meet Subsection 3.1.6 of the National Building Code 1995 and CAN/ULC - S109M “Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films”.
  • Anchorage of the building should comply with Subsection 9.23.6 of the National Building Code 1995